Online Marketing Blogs: my personal list

This field is always evolving and if you keep learning by reading and working, you can become an expert.

I think one of the best reason for which it’s important to read about online marketing is to sense what ‘experts’ think it’s valuable and relevant to tell to the world.

How much do they use data to back-up their decisions? How they define what is a good tactic or strategy? What is the field experience, time, technical expertise and intelligence is needed to be at the top level of the market?

Here below a list of most of the marketing I keep checking:

- eMarketer. very relevant source used extensively by marketing executives, planners and financial analysts in order to understand the impact and relevance of online trends

- Occam’s Razor by Avinash. one of my favourite ones. look up all articles because some of them are still milestones

- Analytics experts at Lunametrics sometimes positively surprised me through their analysis and technicalities

- simple, easy to read, talking about what happens online, in a pop culture way Econsultancy. lots of researches and case studies. MarketingProfs goes down a similar road

- research companies like GfK and Nielsen

- cannot avoid to mention IAB Blog and press releases

- the most known blog focused on PPC (PPC Hero) and the one focused on social media (Social Media Examiner)

Online Marketing

- Content Marketing? ProBlogger, Covario, Content Marketing Institute

- Get Elastic focuses on E-Commerce

- Advertising, more on the publisher industry side of things. AdExchanger.

- Marketing and branding, commercials and a bit of Mad Men. AdvertisingAge & AdWeek

- Facebook? Nitty-gritty Facebook on AllFacebook. More for developers Here

- do you want more nerdy things for developers or wanna-be-developers? API Evangelist is one possible answer

- there’s no way we can talk about online marketing articles and blogs without mentioning the most discussed, hated and debated online marketing topic. S E O.

I am sure you had built so far a strong, yet maybe a bit emotional, judgment on this ‘industry’. To most it’s just a tricky field which has been leveled down over the years. Now less scammy than before and more prone to do good to the world than ever through content creation and PR. If you don’t know what to trust and where to start, I suggest to check SEOMoz and SearchEngineLand. Thereafter, if you really want to go down this rabbit hole, have a look for example to Search Engine WatchSEOBookBruce Clay, Fresh Egg, Point Blank SEOBen Norman, SearchMetrics, Page One Power, and so on…

- Cardinal Path. company which, up to some time ago at least, collaborated with Google Partners in order to deliver training for agencies around the globe. Especially interested in analytics and Google releases

- let’s get more a psychologist flair on everything. NeuroScienceMarketing. Pavlov will never die

- a look on China and at Russia

- web development like NoupeGalaxy Weblinks or focused on Magento

- other agencies’ and companies’ blogs. Branded3, Koozai, Marin SoftwareConvonix Blog

- what about UX? EffectiveUI and UX Movement

- yes, but I mean, UX which gimme mo’ money. MarketingExperiments

- email leader MailChimp

- and more! KISSMetric, O’Reilly,, Portent, BattelleMedia, NanigansFlowingData

One of the main reason I read multiple resources is also to improve my discerning between the useless noise and what is really interesting.

Let me know what you think about these sources and please comment back with your own!

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